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Many Florida communities are experiencing record high residential growth and their school districts are challenged with a pressing need for more schools. They also need to have those schools built at a quicker pace. Public School Development Solutions is uniquely positioned to bring industry-leading solutions to meet these challenges head- on.

Our team is comprised of experts in every aspect of public school facility development, from land identification and acquisition, to design and construction. By providing each of these services, PSDS can be your one-stop solution from project planning to implementation and completion.

We begin by meticulously analyzing your needs and identifying the optimal location for your school, ensuring it serves the community where it's most needed.
Efficient Design and Construction
With modern design and construction techniques, we create state-of-the-art educational facilities that are built to last, delivering excellence in education.
Our team offers innovative and affordable financing options, making your project financially responsible and sustainable.

We Are School Facility Experts

Our team of school development professionals includes industry-leading school siting consultants, land acquisition experts, school leaders and managers, leading school architects, construction managers, contractors, capital repair and maintenance professionals, and financing experts. We have a long history of successful site identification and acquisition, financing, permitting, site development, and construction.

Solution-Driven Design

Over the course of serving our public school clients, we prioritize listening to our clients and understanding the real-world use and environmental factors that can be improved and optimized through intentional facility design and construction.

By incorporating a better understanding of these physical, mental, and overall wellness factors into our designs, we can deliver a facility that minimizes negative environmental factors and enhances the quality of life for those occupying these facilities. Our industry-leading designs incorporate features that create a welcoming environment to the surrounding community, while prioritizing the health, safety and security for the students and teachers who work and learn there.

How Can PSDS Help?
Are you in search of our exceptional services? We're just a message or a call away. Connect with us now to explore how PSDS can transform your educational dreams into reality, and let's embark on this journey together.